(Don't let the pic of the girl on the cover fool you)

                                  Pernell Disney "Severn Way" - $15.00

                              10 Songs! Including "Drive" & "Midnight Detroit"

                              Produced by Tim Bradshaw (David Gray, John Mayer, Cooper, dogs eye view)

  1. Drive

  2. Next

  3. Midnight Detroit

  4. Madeline

  5. Time For Tea

  6. Alone

  7. I'm From Hollywood

  8. Hours Awake

  9. Snow

  10. Another Angel Song


    Pernell Disney - "Midnight Detroit" CD Single - $3.00

This is the 2 song single we pressed for a Radio campaign. Ltd. Ed. Just a few left!

  1. Midnight Detroit

  2. Next


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